16 Holes Non-stick Electric Waffle Hamburger Taiyaki Machine TTS-1121

Hamburger Takoyaki Machine
Power: 3000 Watts
With a Timer and Temperature Thermostat
Dimension: 490x420x200 MM
Net Weight: 10 KG


Looking for a way to make perfect waffles every time? Check out this electric waffle maker and Obanyaki machine! It has 16 non-stick cooking plates so you can cook up a large batch quickly and easily. Plus, it’s easy to clean so you can spend more time making delicious food at home, restaurants, cafés, ice cream shops, and street food stalls and less time cleaning up!

This 16 hole non-stick electric waffle hamburger takoyaki machine is perfect for making delicious takoyaki balls. It allow you to make multiple takoyaki balls at the same time. The machine also comes with a temperature control knob, so you can adjust the heat to suit your needs. Plus, the commercial waffle maker is perfect for making delicious takoyaki at home. In minutes, you can bake the perfect waffle with the Obanyaki machine. As soon as the power and indicator lights go off, the cooking status will be displayed on the screen.

Taiyaki Waffle Maker

Voltage220V50HZ / 110V60Hz
Power3000 Watts
Size490x420x200 MM
Packing Size510x465x200 MM
Weight10 Kg
Gross Weight11 Kg
4 Pieces Heart Shape Professional Waffle Maker TTS-04 - Front

What makes our waffle maker the best option for your business?

Premium Material.

Non-stick and Easy to Clean.

Precise Temperature and Time Control.

Elegant stainless steel body.

Broad Application.

delicious food.

16 Holes Non-stick Electric Waffle Hamburger Takoyaki Machine TTS-1121


Our Obanyaki Waffle Maker is made of premium-quality, long-lasting materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. The baking pan is made of premium nonstick coating, which has high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance.

16 Holes Non-stick Electric Waffle Hamburger Takoyaki Machine TTS-1121

Precise Temperature Control

This 16 HOLES Obanyaki machine comes with the feature of precise temperature control. This means that you can easily adjust the settings to get the perfect results every time.

16 Holes Non-stick Electric Waffle Hamburger Takoyaki Machine TTS-1121


To prevent the dough and other ingrendient from sticking and burning, this commercial Obanyaki waffle maker’s pans are Teflon-coated cast aluminum molds with a non-stick coating.

16 Holes Non-stick Electric Waffle Hamburger Takoyaki Machine TTS-1121

waffle makers switch

If any heating,accident or break happens, this switch should be pressed at once to stop people from being heat or others. There is no doubt that this switch can help users when facing an accident.

This 16 HOLES NON-STICK ELECTRIC WAFFLE HAMBURGER TAKOYAKI MACHINE TTS-1121 is a great Obanyaki machine for making takoyaki. It is non-stick, so the takoyaki comes out easily, and it has 16 holes, so you can make a lot at once. The commercial waffle maker is also easy to use and clean. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone who wants to make takoyaki at home, restaurants, cafes, icecream shops, and street food stalls.

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Obanyaki Machine



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