Commercial Waffle Makers Manufacturing

we, commercial waffle makers, specializing in waffle makers manufacturing with more than 2 0 years of experience. We have our own production facility in Guangzhou, China.

Generally speaking, there are five steps for waffle makers manufacturing. They are stainless steel sheet cutting and bending, key component assembly, waffle maker mold assembly, product testing, and inspection, machine packaging, and shipping. The entire process of making waffle maker will be operated, supervised and managed by experienced cutting experts and quality control personnel to ensure that the highest quality waffle maker is produced.

For more than 20 years, CWM has always insisted on safe and high-quality waffle makers manufacturing. Whether it’s an experienced machine cutter, a worker, or ourselves, we all have a common goal of working together to ensure the quality of the waffle maker we produce.

For more than two decades, CWM has been producing waffle makers that customers really need. We have always adhered to the grasp and understanding of customer needs and then adjusted our products to truly put customer needs first.

For more than 20 years, CWM’s productions have always been the industry leader in quality. Our insistence and control of quality and high requirements run through the whole process from production to sales, multi-faceted. This is also an important reason for our leadership in the industry.

How do We do waffle makers manufacturing?

five steps are as follows:

  • 1. Stainless Steel Sheets Cutting and Bending

    We start the first step of process of the stainless steel commercial waffle maker body sheet, cutting and bending in our metal sheet facility.

  • 2. Assemble the Critical Units

    After the stainless steel body is finished, we will arrange the assembly for the critical electrical units, the heating elements, switches, protection safety units, and wiring, .etc.

  • 3. Assemble the Waffle Moulds

    The selected waffle maker Teflon moulds will be installed on the uppper and bottom case.

  • 4. Testing and Inspection

    All of our waffle makers from our factory are well tested and inspected by machines and humans one by one before packing, that’s the most important part of the waffle makers manufacturing.

  • 5. Machine Packing and Shipping

    We will pack the waffle makers firmly with the strong and thick carton boxes. Also, we are professionally experienced in the international shipping from our factory to customer’s warehouse.

Our waffle makers manufacturing Line

CWM has built mature and long-running production lines for over 20 years. In addition to product quality, this is where our confidence lies. For twenty years, our production line has been insisting on manufacturing according to customer needs and products. Every step of change, every detail has its own unique purpose.

For manufacturing, we carefully build every link, every step. Working with professional cutting experts, this guarantees the manufacture of a quality waffle maker. Working with experienced workers, this creates volume for the manufacture of a quality waffle maker. In partnership with Quality Control, this controls the quality of the manufacture of premium waffle makers. All of this makes our waffle maker production not just a production but a business.