Almost everyone love waffle and everything that is served on a stick will taste better. There is no doubt that lolly waffle is so popular in many areas. If you are going to start your waffle business and equip your kitchen with a lolly waffle maker, adding this lolly waffle to your menu will be a smart choice.

We have various mold shapes for the lolly waffle maker like a pine tree, butterfly, hotdog, corn shape, etc. Special mold shape customize is available. Those waffle makers can produce several pieces of the stick waffle at a time. You could serve your customer without wasting their time. You could decorate those lolly waffles with sugar icing, chocolate, and powdered sugar. Your customers will want to come back again after they try your creative waffle.

Those lolly waffle makers are designed with a regulable thermostat, power button, and temperature controller. It is extremely easy to cook delightful waffles by any staff. Trust us it is really a piece of perfect equipment for restaurants, cafés, stands, food stores, buffets, pastry shops, or lunchrooms.

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