CWM supports special waffle makers customization services and can bring some good customization ideas to customers. You can also design your ideal mold by yourself.

Generally, there are four steps for customizing waffle makers, which are waffle mold design, waffle mother molds production, waffle maker casting trim, and Teflon coating. Every step, every craft is carefully crafted, serious and rigorous attitude to produce the best quality waffle products.

We customize the commercial waffle makers from casting mold to selling. We are able to make various waffle maker shapes according to customers’ special requests with fast delivery, acceptable low cost, and good quality.

If you have the need for customization, whether you buy our waffle makers or not, we accept customization and are very willing to communicate with you in detail.

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How do we customize waffle makers ?

waffle makers customization needs four steps:

  • 1. Waffle Moulds Design

    We will experienced designer to help the customer to design the related casting waffle shapes according to customer’s special requirements.

  • 2. Waffle Mother Moulds Production

    We have the original sand casting mold factory nearby, very easy to start the production of the waffle mother mold base on the design from the Customer.

  • 3. Waffle Maker Casting Trim

    We will trim and grind the rough waffle maker casting components, and cut the gate and all sharp edges to be prepared parts.

  • 4. Teflon Coating

    All of the rough Aluminium casting parts are raw, we will apply the teflon coating for the non-sticky surface.

Sand Casting Production Plants

CWM provides special waffle makers customization and can bring some good customization points to customers. Shown below is CWM’s sand casting production factory. Every step, every detail is captured, zoomed in, and shown to our clients. Every step you see is the actual step of our waffle makers customization, which can also make our customers trust us more.