Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character Shaped Waffle Maker TTS-1103E

Character Shape Cartoon Waffle Maker
Power: 2000 Watts
With a Timer and Temperature Thermostat
Dimension: 375x375x265 MM
Net Weight: 10 KG


Looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Why not try your hand at making your own Kung Hei Fat Choy waffles with this Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character Shaped Waffle Maker TTS-1103E? If you have a large family or frequently host guests, you need this electric waffle maker. Making a lot of waffles at once speeds up the process of making food for a large group.

It can be kept anywhere, taking up less space than most of the other cartoon waffle makers, and its unique design makes it easy to spread batter without a spoon, leading to more consistent cooking. The electric waffle maker itself is very simple to use and yields delicious results whether using a pre-made waffle mix or making your own from scratch. The resulting waffles have a soft and toasty interior with a crisp and shape-retaining exterior.

Even if the exterior heats up (as it does with all the waffle makers), the handle remains comfortably cool. The waffle maker’s browning levels are adjusted with precise temperature settings, and the waffle’s readiness and completion are signaled by red and green lights. This character waffle maker is perfect for making traditional round waffles, or you can get creative and make some fun shapes.

It is not difficult to make waffles with this electric waffle maker. Simply pour your batter into the mold, close the lid, and cook until golden brown. Then decorate your waffles with some delicious toppings like fruit, chocolate, or icing sugar.

Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character Shaped Waffle Maker

Voltage220V50HZ / 110V60Hz
Power2000 Watts
Size375x375x265 MM
Packing Size490x480x335 MM
Weight10 Kg
Gross Weight11 Kg
ShapeKung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character
4 Pieces Heart Shape Professional Waffle Maker TTS-04 - Front

What makes our cartoon waffle maker the best option for your business?

Creative shapes.

Light indicator.

Time control settings.

Elegant stainless steel body.

Aluminium plates.

Heat resistant coating of handle.

Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character Shaped Waffle Maker TTS-1103E

Full 201 Stainless-Steel Body

A waffle maker with this type of stainless steel body construction is not only durable, but also ensures even heating for consistent results. Stainless steel also offers the advantage of being easy to clean.

Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character Shaped Waffle Maker TTS-1103E

Precise Temp and Time Control

Precise temp and time control is the key to making perfect waffles. If your electric waffle maker does not have precise temperature and timer controls, you will likely end up with overcooked or undercooked waffles.

Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character Shaped Waffle Maker TTS-1103E

Non-Stick Aluminium Waffle Plates

Having non-stick aluminium waffle plates means that the waffles will not stick to the plate and they will be easy to remove. Aluminium is also a good conductor of heat, so the waffles will cook evenly.

Scald-Proof Handle

A scald proof handle will have a heat-resistant coating that will help protect your hands from any hot surfaces. When choosing a character waffle maker, be sure to pick one with a scald proof handle.

In short, If you’re looking for a high-quality waffle maker, then you’ll want to consider one with a full 201 stainless steel body. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking and enjoy some delicious Kung Hei Fat Choy waffles this holiday season with this  Kung Hei Fat Choy DIY Character-Shaped Waffle Maker TTS-1103E!

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Cartoon Waffle Maker


Character Shape

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