25 Holes Non-stick Fish Ball Grill Pan Obanyaki Machine TTS-25-2

Fish Ball Grill Pan Obanyaki Machine
Power: 2200 Watts
With a Timer and Temperature Thermostat
Dimension: 425x360x260 MM
Net Weight: 20 KG


Do you like to cook? Do you like to eat delicious food? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you need to get your hands on this amazing 25 HOLES NON-STICK FISH BALL GRILL PAN OBANYAKI MACHINE TTS-25-2! With this incredible piece of cooking equipment, you’ll be able to make mouth-watering fish balls, takoyaki and so much more in no time at all! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – order yours today!

The 25 HOLES NON-STICK FISH BALL GRILL PAN TAKOYAKI MACHINE TTS-25-2 is a commercial electric waffle maker that can make up to 25 fish balls at a time. It has non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning and comes with a variety of accessories including a spatula and a recipe book. This waffle maker is also known as Obanyaki machine and is perfect for making takoyaki (Japanese-style grilled balls of batter).

Obnayaki Waffle Maker

Voltage220V50HZ / 110V60Hz
Power2200 Watts
Size425x360x260 MM
Packing Size495x395x310 MM
Weight20 Kg
Gross Weight21 Kg
ShapeFish Ball
4 Pieces Heart Shape Professional Waffle Maker TTS-04 - Front

Why should you choose this Obanyaki Machine for your business?

Robust and simple to use.

Baking tray made of aluminum.

Containing a accurate timer.



full stainless steel body.

25 Holes Non-stick Fish Ball Grill Pan Takoyaki Machine TTS-25-2

Body made of Stainless Steel 201

Stainless-steel is used in the construction of our Obanyaki waffle makers, along with aluminum heating plates. Commercial applications benefit from its durability, sturdy design, and ease of cleaning.

25 Holes Non-stick Fish Ball Grill Pan Takoyaki Machine TTS-25-2

Control of precise temperature and time

You can control the temperature and baking time precisely on the machine with the independent temperature selector and timer. Your waffle maker’s working status will be clearly displayed.

25 Holes Non-stick Fish Ball Grill Pan Takoyaki Machine TTS-25-2

Aluminium waffle plates that are non-stick

It is possible to make golden brown and fluffy waffles very quickly and easily using non-stick aluminum waffle plates, which allow you to heat food efficiently and evenly.

25 Holes Non-stick Fish Ball Grill Pan Takoyaki Machine TTS-25-2

Handle with a scald-proof finish

A scald-proof handles are integrated into our Takoyaki Waffle Maker, allowing it to be handled by anyone with ease. As long as the material dissipates heat well, its temperature won’t get too high.

If you are in the market for a commercial waffle maker, you should consider the Obanyaki Machine. The machine is a commercial-grade electric waffle maker that is perfect for those who want to make multiple waffles. Overall, the Obanyaki Machine is a great option for anyone looking for a commercial electric waffle maker.

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Obanyaki Machine



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