100 Holes Non-stick Dutch Pancake Baker Waffle Machine TTS-2243

Pancake Baker Waffle Machine
Power: 3000 Watts
With a Timer and Temperature Thermostat
Dimension: 550x600x180 MM
Net Weight: 16.7 KG


Every home needs an electric waffle maker like this, as it is a convenient and inexpensive method to create delicious treats like waffles and pancakes. The indicator light of this poffertjes waffle maker lets you know when the appliance is on and when it is heated to the perfect level for making waffles. And it has an accurate temperature control that prevents your waffles from either burning or becoming undercooked.

This commercial waffle maker will serve you well for years to come thanks to its sturdy construction from 201-grade stainless steel and its precise temperature and time control settings. With its commercial-grade use, it can be used for cooking indoors, during outdoor events, or in a restaurant, café, or buffet. The non-stick coating on the aluminium plates makes clean-up a breeze. The poffertjes waffle machine has an anti-scald handle to ensure the safety of its operators.

Waffles can be baked in under three minutes on this machine, making it one of the most productive on the market. This, in turn, increases your productivity, the number of customers served and responded to, and your profits. The golden, crisp outside and airy, tender inside of these waffles make them irresistible. They taste best when eaten hot and plain.

You may also top them with fruit that tastes like strawberry, coconut, or chocolate. This wonderful electric waffle maker is an attractive addition to any home. The addition of waffles to your café’s or restaurant’s dessert menu is a breeze with this waffle iron. When it comes to catering needs, this equipment is best. Fantastic waffles will be a pleasant surprise for your customers.

Round Shape Waffle Maker

Voltage220V50HZ / 110V60Hz
Power3000 Watts
Size550x600x180 MM
Packing Size670x670x220 MM
Weight16.7 Kg
Gross Weight18.2 Kg
100 Holes Non-stick Dutch Pancake Baker Waffle Machine TTS-2243 - Front View

What makes our waffle maker the best option for your business?

LED indicator.

Non-stick aluminium plates.

Strong heating element.

Elegant stainless steel body.

Takes little space.


100 Holes Non-stick Dutch Pancake Baker Waffle Machine TTS-2243 - Front View

Full 201 Stainless Steel Body

The non-stick coating and sturdy stainless-steel construction of this electric waffle maker make it very convenient to use and clean. The use of high-quality 201 stainless steel makes the device more durable against corrosion.

100 Holes Non-stick Dutch Pancake Baker Waffle Machine TTS-2243

Precise Temperature Control

The electric waffle maker has a separate, accurate temperature control system. It’s easy to use, the temperature control is precise, and it can be rotated to set the ideal temperature.

100 Holes Non-stick Dutch Pancake Baker Waffle Machine TTS-2243

Non-Stick Aluminium Waffle Plates

Waffles may be made with ease in the commercial waffle maker because it is made of non-stick aluminium plates. The waffles’ non-stick covering facilitates cooking them quickly and without hassle.

100 Holes Non-stick Dutch Pancake Baker Waffle Machine TTS-2243

Accurate time control

This waffle maker has an accurate time control to set the most suitable time to make golden waffles.And you don’t need to worry about any risks during the setting time but just wait for your waffles.

In short, this poffertjes waffle maker is an excellent present and welcome addition to any kitchen. Make traditional waffles with the help of the electric waffle maker made of stainless steel.

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Poffertjes Machine



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