Taiyaki is a Japanese fish shape waffle cake. It is also a kind of street food. The most common filling is red bean paste. You could also fill it with custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato. There are mainly two kinds of Taiyaki waffle makers, one is the cake style Taiyaki waffle, and the other is the open mouth Taiyaki ice cream waffle maker.

The commercial waffle makers are getting extremely popular all over the world because of their high efficiency and high investment return. You could use it at your home with your family with the small single unit or choose the double head unit in your shop, café bar, or restaurant with every day higher volume usage.

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Delicious fish shape waffle is a good option for cafés and restaurants, and you could be easy to find them in the party and festive events. If you are looking for a commercial taiyaki maker for commercial use, check more on our website, we have various models for the professional taiyaki waffle maker. Those products are perfect for extensive commercial use.