Obanyaki machine is a piece of popular equipment for any kitchen, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel breakfast bar, waffle house, and more. Obanyaki is a Japanese dessert. You could often find it at Japanese festivals as well as in other countries such as Taiwan and South Korea. Put the batter in the pan and often fill it with red bean paste, custard, chocolate, or even meat or potato. You can fill it with whatever fillings you want. You will never get tired of eating this dessert.

With a stainless-steel body and a non-stick heating plate, top-grade heating elements. This unit could always give the best result for food products. Just use several minutes to make a bunch of the crispy obanyaki and serve your customer at once, saving time and labor costs.

We have different models available to cater to your daily demands, and you just choose the right model as per your needs. Mold dies customize service is available, just contact us and let us know the specification and your requirement.

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