Egg tart shell is a kind of popular food that can load various fillings, you could add ice cream or chocolate fruit jam to make different favors for the egg tart. An egg tart maker is an innovative machine for baking those crisp sweet egg tart shells.

The machine operation is simple. Some of the machines have interchangeable egg tart shell molds. You could easily change the different styles of the egg tart mold. Adjust different temperatures, and make the product a perfect baking effect. What‘s more, the egg tart maker machine features a quality stainless steel tube for better protection for wires and is easy to clean.

Egg Tart Making Process

Set the required temperature, preheating the top and bottom plate. Deposit a pre-measure ball of dough into each cavity, then pull down the top plate. In about 5 to 6 minutes, the golden egg tart shell will be well done. With these egg tart makers, the baked tart has high quality and tastes like the handmade pasty shells, but the production costs are greatly reduced.

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